2000th Post, Jack Mountain Bushcraft Media

This is our 2000th post. Over the years I have found blogging, and more recently podcasting and video, to be a great way to communicate with our audience. It allows us to publish what we want when we want, without the gatekeepers that were the norm twenty years ago.

Our initial blog was setup by a good friend in 2003. I had a hundred or so posts up before it was hacked and everything deleted in 2006. I did some research and found a program called WordPress, then used it to reboot our blog. This was the era of static html websites, so this type of software was witchcraft to me. Over time, WordPress became popular and expanded greatly, and I kept publishing, and even learned a little about how it worked along the way. A post here, a post there, whenever something seemed interesting enough to share with our audience. Eventually the idea of the blog as a media channel took over, and we’ve tried to keep to that idea even in this era of social media and walled gardens. When we publish things, we do it here first, then send it there.

My goal has always been to develop a body of work over time that explains what we do, voices our opinions, and communicates our ideas to our audience. We’ve never been the flavor of the week in the outdoor industry, but we’ve been consistently reaching our audience and our media has been instrumental in me being able to make a living at teaching and guiding outdoors for the past 22 years. And now, just like that, we’re at 2000 posts. In a nutshell, so far, so good.

Here’s hoping this finds you and yours safe and healthy in our almost post-Covid era. Thanks for reading.


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  • Mom

    Thanks Tim. I love this post. You are an awesome communicator and am hoping you keep it all up. Well done!

  • Aww, thanks mom!

  • Baron Blanchard

    Congratulations Tim! My students in North Dakota have told me how they are glad I have shown them your website and how to access your content. Quite a few of them are working their way through the podcast, and then they talk to me about them and it reminds me of the first time I listened to them.

  • Thank you Baron

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