Viva, Moose Vegas

Making crooked knives beneath the Pyramid Of Doom

I’ve been at the field school for several weeks, currently in the third straight week of courses. We ran the Woodsman course, then the Bushman, and now are smack in the middle of the Riverman. It’s been busy, with days starting at around 6 and lasting until the last ray of light disappears over the horizon just before 10. It’s been a great time, although I’ve found myself too wiped out at the end of the day for anything but crawling under the bug net and catching some ZZZ’s.

A few points of interest, though. First, we’ve expanded the student camp and have named it Moose Vegas. The usual “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” disclaimers apply. Second, we’ve built a river camp upstream near the beaver flowage. Third, we’ve eaten really well with all meals cooked over the fire except for the few that have been over the new rocket stove (fantastic piece of kit, review coming sometime this summer).

It’s been very wet, with the ground remaining near saturated and the rivers at flood stage. We’ve taken full advantage of the sun we’ve seen, though, and have not been deterred by the rain. The wildlife sightings have been plentiful, with lots of moose, bear, rabbits, bald eagles, and turkeys.

Overall, it’s been a fantstic June. Looking forward to July.

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