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In addition to being the base for our programs, our Bushcraft And Sustainability Field School is also where we experiment with different technologies in order to achieve a simple, comfortable, rural life.  It’s a demonstration site, but not in the sense that we create alternative ways of doing things and then revert back to the common way when nobody’s watching.  Instead it’s an experiment in living simply and providing for our own needs with simple technologies and minimal off-site inputs.  As there is no electricity or running water, we improvise.  Below are some of the projects we’ve completed, are working on, and are planning for the future.

sunshower, bucket shower

Solar powered for day use, woodstove for night or cloudy day use.

domes (4 and 8 sided), cones, a-frames.  Materials (except cover) gathered on-site.

bough beds, grass mattresses, rope beds.  Gathered and made on-site.

humanure composting system, greywater on plants

Vermiculture with some food scraps to produce worms for fishing, garden, etc.

Solar, muscle-generated, gas generator (gas generator used sparingly and phased out)

Passive solar, wood stove, rocket stove mass heater.  Using fresnel lens to heat a pile of rocks and transferring them into a shelter (like the coal pans under a bed)

Carry from stream or river, collection from roof, collection from tarps, hand pump well to be drilled.

Water Storage
Series of pools dug in stream, trash cans for rain water.

Hot Water
Solar showers, solar in black pipe, fresnel lens

Water Purification

Boiling on fire, solar with fresnel lens

Evaporative coolers (cotton, clay, etc.), spring box

Campfire, cook stove, fresnel lens

Solar ovens, fireless cooker, bean hole


Wood Cooker

Solar powered firewood dryer

Root Cellar
large, small, barrel, etc.

hand washing, solar clothes dryer (clothes line)

Greenhouse, Row Covers
hoophouses made of saplings gathered on-site

Swales, ditch drainage for runoff in field

Solar Dehydrator

For use with fish, game and hides

Chairs, tables, etc. made from sticks and poles gathered on-site.

What are we missing?  Have any good ideas?  Join our online network and let us know.  You can watch this list as it grows on our field school page.

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