Part Of The Term “Survival Situation” Trademarked

I was just made aware that part of the term “survival situation” has been trademarked. I personally won’t miss it and am glad to see it go.


Term “Survival Situation” To Be Replaced With “LTO – Life Threatening Occurrence”

Since the recent registration of the trademark “The Situation” by Michael Sorrentino, the outdoor community will no longer be able to use the term “survival situation”.

Sorrentino, who rose to fame on the television show Jersey Shore, has been known as “The Situation” for many years. He recently registered the trademark in the United States. A letter sent by his legal team to bloggers and survival schools across the country advised them to cease using the term immediately, and that they would “vigorously prosecute” those that fail to do so.

Despite their tough legal stance, they recommended the outdoor community embrace a new term; “life threatening occurrence,” or LTO.

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  • Dan

    This trademark would be a tough one to hold up in court as “survival situation” is and has been used as a generic term, and very rarely do generic terms withstand scrutiny. It could backfire and Sorrentino could end up losing much of his base support and thus income.

  • I agree, Dan, it will never hold up.

  • Keith Byrd

    Agree with Dan. Survival situation is to broad of a term. It applies to many different situations and scenarios has different meanings to each person. When I had open heart surgery I was in a survival situation

  • Thanks Keith. Agreed, no way this will hold up.

  • I have done a little digging into this since I saw your post. If this is true and not some marketing gimmick it will fail. A TM attorney friend of mine that I spoke too said he felt it was nothing more than a gimmick.

    He could be wrong, interesting to see how it goes from this point forward.

  • Thanks Craig. Certainly a gimmick. What with the details being released on April 1st and all.

  • korie

    uh…that guy is a total bitch!
    what a joke, are you sure it isn’t April fools a bit early????

  • This post is in the ‘satire’ category.

  • Mark H

    I want to trademark the word trademark….

  • If you don’t, people will be able to use it whenever they want, leading to lost revenue for you. You should get on it ASAP!
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