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The Friluftsliv Forest program that Tim and I talked about on this episode of the JMB Podcast is now open for registration. There are professional training programs where you can travel to and immerse yourself in the long-term experience of living, teaching, and guiding outdoors. We’ve been running long term immersion programs at Jack Mountain for [...]

Our next live video event is scheduled for Wednesday, 4/15/20, at 11 am eastern time. It is a live video event on BushcraftSchool.com – a virtual office hours for those people taking our online courses. If you’re a member of Bushcraftschool.com, click on the Events tab. If you’re not a member, it’s free to join. [...]

We’ll be doing our first live video event on BushcraftSchool.com – a virtual office hours for those people taking our online courses – on Friday, April 10th from 7-7:30pm EST. If you’re a member of Bushcraftschool.com, click on the Events tab. If you’re not a member, it’s free to join. This will be our first [...]

We’re finishing up the preparations for our next online course: Introduction to outdoor cooking (Skill 117), available for free in our online community at BushcraftSchool.com. The goal is to make you an efficient outdoor cook capable of feeding yourself under a variety of conditions, NOT to make you a professional cook or chef. This will [...]

A lot of families are stuck indoors these days, and parents are looking for interesting things to do with their kids. Here are two things you can do right now. First, watch the Local Living Video Project from our friends at Koviashuvik Local Living School. They are posting a series of videos on outdoor skills [...]

Have you joined our online community at BushcraftSchool.com yet? We’re currently live with our weather understanding and observational forecasting course and adding a lesson every day. We are also about to add a few more online courses. We’ve pushed our spring semester back a few weeks due to the virus, and as such should have [...]

We’re offering a free online course during the coronavirus shut down in our digital learning space at BushcraftSchool.com. It’s the same 30-day course we run during our semester programs. It’s a minimal time commitment, maybe 15 minutes per day, with the intended learning outcome that you will learn something useful about the weather and be [...]

As a safety precaution amid the ongoing expansion of the Coronavirus, the Wilderness Paddlers Gathering scheduled for this weekend in Vermont has been cancelled. As a result I’ll be staying home and working on a new pack basket mold.

We’re six weeks out from the start of the Wilderness Guide Training Semester. I’ve been busy making preparations all morning for clearing our road, fixing the roof on the cook shed and getting the stove pipe operational, etc. April is a tough month at the field school, so getting the details in order will help [...]

Last week school of the forest, the Vermont huts association, Addison Central Teens and The Catamount Trail Association partnered to bring seven kids out on a cross country skiing trip to one of the cabins that VT huts has made available to the public. Addison Central Teens provides a Teen Center and after-school alternatives that [...]

This summer we’ll be bringing back our canoe expedition, but with a slightly different approach. Now that we have a line up of other short canoe and outdoor living skill programs running during the summer, we wanted to make a long term, college-accredited program available to the younger generation. So starting this summer, we’ll be [...]

Are you interested in breaking up the week and want to learn more about survival and preparedness? Then come to Cornerstone Christian Academy in Ossipee, New Hampshire this Wednesday night from 6-7. I’ll be talking about the three-pronged approach to survival and answering audience questions on related topics. The talk is free, but the school [...]

Our alumni are awesome. The latest public example of this will be airing on the Discovery Channel this Sunday. Ryan Holt, who often goes by his Appalachian Trail thru-hiker nickname Yukon (pictured above) will be on Naked & Afraid for the fourth time, where he’ll be spending 21 days alone, naked, but not afraid in [...]

With the launch of our online network and moving some of our courses online, we’ve had to rethink what the pieces of the curriculum puzzle are and how they fit together. Step one was designing a course catalog framework to put our programs into. Step two was redesigning our curriculum and website so that it [...]

One of my winter projects this year is to study for my tidewater fishing guide license. Currently, I am a registered Master Maine Guide licensed in the hunting, fishing, recreation and sea kayak categories. Each category has its own corresponding exam, and the master status is awarded after 10 years, with a minimum number of [...]

If you’re interested in wilderness canoe trips, traditional gear, remote travel, and spending a weekend around others who share your interests, you should attend the Wilderness Paddlers Gathering in Fairlee, Vermont. The 28th annual gathering is happing March 13-15. There are formal presentations and workshops, as well as a lot of informal discussions of trips, [...]

We’re going to start our weather observation and prediction course on BushcraftSchool.com soon. It will be our first course there, with many more to come. Here’s what you’ll need: A copy of Eric Sloane’s Weather Book. It’s a required text for our semester courses. A barometer of some sort. We recommend a watch with a barometer [...]

This has been a tough winter for scheduling and planning. With our family’s impending move, family commitments, parental responsibilities, etc., monkey wrenches keep being thrown into my efforts at scheduling. But while we can’t control what happens to us in this life, we can control how we respond. I’m responding by offering a variety of [...]

In the December 2019 – January 2020 print issue of Field & Stream magazine I was interviewed by Matthew Every for a question and answer article about survival food, outdoor gear and few other topics. He asked about what I carry in my survival kit that might surprise other outdoorsmen. My answer: “Tang. It’s part [...]

Mors Kochanski Certificate

This certificate came in the mail yesterday. I am at once honored, flattered and humbled. To have your work recognized by your peers is a great feeling. To have your work recognized by your mentor is something else entirely. It says on the certificate that I am recognized as a peer, but in my opinion [...]

Hauling Sleds On The Ice

We started an online network this past summer. Officially it’s BushcraftSchool.com, The Jack Mountain Bushcraft School Online Network And Digital Learning Academy. It’s sort of like a private facebook group, but without someone tracking everything you do, spamming you with ads, and without the angry political divisiveness that has come to signify social media. I’ll [...]

Snow Walkers Rendezvous 2019

This weekend is the Snowwalkers Rendezvous in Fairlee VT, an event put on by the Northen Wilderness Travelers Conferences. I’ve spent the last week getting ready.  I’ll be presenting on open fire cooking, as well as running a workshop on burn spoon carving. There’s a lot of great presentations and workshops on the schedule for [...]

I’ve been busy with family stuff since returning home from the field school. Nothing bad, but it takes me a bit of time to get caught up. Now I’m caught up and am finally getting back into the office. I’ve got a lot of updates and announcements coming, including an update to the Boreal Snowshoe [...]

Field School Wrap-Up 2019

Long-term program number 48 is finished, as is an autumn poling trip on the St. Croix river. After a long time away, I’m home with all that it means. Family, dog, wifi, hot showers, an indoor kitchen, etc. Part of living without these things for much of the year is the incredible appreciation I have [...]

JMBS Instructors

We’ve got a lot of talent coming to the Brushfire Rendezvous next weekend. I’ve put together a tentative schedule, but everything can change depending on peoples’ interests and the skills people bring to share. There are still a few spots available, so if you haven’t registered, there’s still time. We’re finishing week 9 of our [...]

This post was originally posted on the JMB Blog on October 14, 2009. It has been edited and updated, and is more true now than it was then. By the time you graduate from high school you’ve spent twelve years being indoctrinated into the ways of our culture. You know a bit of trivia about [...]

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